"To provide educational and support services including outreach efforts to eligible migrant and seasonal farm workers and their children during their first year of college and beyond." 

ASU CAMP Scholars Project Goals: 

Create a comprehensive, responsive, sustainable, retention program for migrant students. 

ASU CAMP Staff has created a retention program focusing on a successful first year of college for our students. All project initiatives are created to fill expressed educational, social, and financial needs of our students. We give our students the tools and mentorship needed to successfully navigate ASU and graduate with a degree.  

Ensure academic success of first-year migrant students through provision of financial, transitional, and academic support  

We understand attending a university is a big change in our students lives. CAMP Staff has built a program focused on being “the home away from home” for our students. We want our students to have a positive university experience without having to worry about additional challenges that may exist academically or financially. We offer additional financial help for our students for emergency events or unexpected educational costs. 

Create “whole person” CAMP Scholars.

We believe our student’s university experience should be full of positive and enriching opportunities that go beyond the classroom. Our program encourages students to become well rounded and focus on their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Create “whole family” support networks for CAMP Scholars.

Leaving home to start university is a disruption for everyone in the family. We work with our student’s parents and family members to foster success. We want parents and students to have a piece of mind in knowing we have created a community within the university that welcomes them. 

Ensure retention and academic persistence of CAMP Scholars.

CAMP students meet regularly with peer mentors and our CAMP Academic Success Coordinator. Participants have access to one-on-one tutors and weekly study hall hours. Our Academic Success Coordinator works closely with students in creating a personalized student learning plan.